Cheap holiday and backpacking experience in Copenhagen of Denmark

The Danes are very bike happy

First thing you should know about this city money wise is that it’s one of the most expensive cities in Europe!! Certainly the most expensive I’ve ever been to in my 9 months of travelling!


If you follow the tips below you can do it on the cheap!
I will cover:
– Getting there for cheap
– Staying there for cheap (couchsurfing, HW)
– Eating for cheap (nettle, 28 crowns for burger, bring your own!)
– Free transport
– Cheaper public transport
– Cheap phone calls
Getting there on the cheap:
Have you seen the prices for flying direct to Copenhagen these days? they are insane!! In my case I needed to get from Athens to Copenhagen, and the price I was offered SAS airlines was the ridiculous price of 280 Euros!! No thanks.
So I split the journey into two parts. I used Aegean Air to fly from Athens to Berlin (pretty much next door to Copenhagen) for which I only paid 80 Euros, and then I used Eurolines for 38 Euros. A total of 118 Euros, saving me over 100 Euros (
The other option you have to get their quickly and cheaply is hitchhiking, through well known hitchhiking spots listed on this site . Obviously be very careful if you are going to use this option.
The other option you may want to try if you are dead set on getting the absolute cheapest deal possible for cheap flights can be found here.
Staying in Copenhagen for cheap:
The cheapest way to stay in Copenhagen, if you have not already considered it is through . The Danes are the friendliest people I’ve ever met (them and the Dutch), so feel free to stay a night or two.
Otherwise, the two cheapest hostels can be found on – A note on this – is the most popular booking site and because of this, it decides to take advantage of its client base by charging them an extra US$2 booking fee on top of the 10% booking fee which they keep. If you want to avoid it, use or
A note on one of the hostels: avoid the one located near the airport! It may be cheap but its dirty!!!
Eating for cheap in Copenhagen
Here is a tip for eating cheaply in Copenhagen: Don’t eat!!
Just kidding, it is possible but difficult. Here are my tips:
The cheapest eat out place you can find will often be the Arabian burger shops. Satisfy your hunger pangs with a mouthwatering burger for about 26 crowns.
The other option is to cater for yourself, and the cheapest way to do that is through shopping from the two discount supermarkets – Nettle, and Aldi. Nettle is cheap by DK standards, but not incredibly cheap. Buy yourself some bacon and eggs and have a tasty fry up back in the hostel kitchen.
The other option is to bu food from the country you were in before hand as I did, because I guarantee that unless it is another Scandinavian country, it’ll be cheaper!!
Free transport
Back in its happy camping everybody loves each other days, (ie pre- the Conservative government) the Danes decided they wanted to set up a system that could get people around their beautiful city without polluting our earth, and for free.
So they created citybike 🙂
The way it works is this: there are stands all over the city with these bikes, just

4 thoughts on “Cheap holiday and backpacking experience in Copenhagen of Denmark

  1. thanks for the advice. one thing people should know, the bikes suck and are pretty brutal to use. I looked for a good one, and then tried to hide it in a bush. Sorry, but I’m used to a sweet mountain bike, which you would want on those cobble streets. That said, biking there is great. Go to the bars outside of the center. Less tourists, more bored local women.

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