Berlin and Love Sex and Backpacking

Berlin comes in at Number 2 for Europe’s best cities for Love, Sex and Backpacking.


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Forget Amsterdam, this place is Europe’s true center of anything goes liberalism.

There is something in the air or the water in Berlin which makes it a truly special city – it is the home of true Bohemia.

It is like the one place in Germany where all the people fed up with the uptightness, repression, suppression, and rules of German society go and live. It is truly a live and let live city – if you want to do something, and it is not harming you or anyone else – then just do it already, is the ethos.

One institution which captures this ethos of personal freedom more than most others, is the famous Kit Kat Club. sums it up quiet well:

The Kit Kat Club in Berlin is one of those rare clubs that has achieved legendary status before it’s even been closed. It can chart it’s history back to 1994 when a rather liberal Austrian couple decided to try and combine two scenes together: the hippy vibes of a Goa trance party and the hardcore love action of a fetish night. Well you can probably guess the rest. Although the orgies these days are said to be tamer than of old, let’s just say that should someone offers you two fingers or four, it’s nothing to do with a Nestle chocolate biscuit. If you are planning on paying KitKat Club a visit please note that only highly original, and revealing, glamour/fetish outfits will get you past the door.

If this club is a bit too much for you, you can always try to more conventional but equally hot mainstream clubs.

If you want to visit Berlin cheaply, click here for some awesome tips.

You can see the rest of the top 5 cities here.


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