Top 3 Cities in Australia for Nude Holidays aka Nacations

There’s nothing quiet like the freedom of being able to take it all off and enjoy walking around your apartment/house naked. Those of you however who would like to take it to the next step and walk around naked with other people, here are some options that might help you release your kinky inner German:


1) Melbourne, Australia
Easily the most liberal, progressive city in Australia (except for Canberra maybe), Melbourne is a vibrant blend of cultures from all over the world living together and sharing their food, languages, traditions and energies.
In what might be considered a young version of Berlin, Melbourne is a place where unique and different people are accepted and welcomed for their individuality.
Within that, comes a place for nacations and fully legal nudist beaches, such as the one in Sunnyside North.
Free Beaches Australia provides the following directions:
From the city take the Nepean Highway (Route 3) south some 40 km to Frankston. Continue a further 7 to 8 km then look for the sign to Sunnyside Beach. Turn right here and drive down this road for about 800 metres to the car park. Actually you may have to park well short of the car park on busy days, and do be careful of driveways and No Parking signs. Walk on to Sunnyside Beach then proceed north around the rocky point to North Sunnyside.
2) Sydney, Australia

One thought on “Top 3 Cities in Australia for Nude Holidays aka Nacations

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