UPDATE Top Cities for Love and Sex and Backpacking

Let’s face it, we are all animals at our core, and as Osho once said “the worst thing you can say to someone is don’t be an animal”. Men want it, women obviously hunger for it – so what’s the problem? Societal norms, our parents, inner critics/superego’s and all that other garbage.

Which is why backpacking is so awesome – going to some foreign city where no one knows you and you don’t know anyone, you can be and do whatever you like!!

Your away from your parents, your co-workers, even some of your judgmental friends.
Now its time to let your inner instincts go nuts. Time to let the animal out of its cage.
(on a side note, if you are looking to have this experience internally, find this)

Whether you are currently in Berlin, Varna, Tokyo, Seoul, Bali, London, or anywhere else in the world, find out where people are going to find freedom!



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