Safety Information for Americans and Others Wanting to Avoid the Mafia in Italy

Felicia Impastato was the mother of Peppino Impastato, a sicilian man who was killed because of his continuous protesting against mafia, a criminal organization. Creative Commons.

Many people will tell you to not worry about the Mafia in Italy. For the most part, especially in the North, this is true, the Mafia are generally not so strong.

A completely different story applies however in South, where the Mafia pretty much runs the show and the government is almost non existent except on a surface level.

An American friend of mine and his girlfriend from the State of Maine hitchhiked their way around Europe for an entire year and had no problems at all. Infact, it renewed their faith in humanity in a way.

Unfortunately, this new found faith did not last so long when when they were hitchhiking in Sicily together. They get into a truck…

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