The perfect break from visiting Party Hostels

Usually I’m a big fan of party hostels, but the guys at recommended I check out Veliko Turnovo for a nice break from the constant partying, Golden Sands etc. This place was amazing. Relaxation central. Definitely one of the most beautiful towns in Bulgaria. Apparently it was in the running to be the Capital of the country for a while but lost out to its ugly cousin Sofia. Also very affordable like most of Bulgaria.

If you visit, be sure to check out:

– The Asen Monument –  Commemorating the Second Bulgarian Empire in the eleventh century (see below).

– Tsaravets Castle (sound and light show at night)

– A day class at Yoga Dharma – perfect for recharging your batteries.

– Forty Martyrs Church

I recommend Hostel Mostel for accommodation. For a good price you get breakfast, dinner and a great atmosphere.


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2 thoughts on “The perfect break from visiting Party Hostels

  1. Haven’t come across you guys before (and gals? Just a guess) but wish I had. My son’s off around the world at the moment, and he has a strict itinery – just wish I’d found you sooner to help him.

    Still website emailed to his iPhone. Fiugers crossed.

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