Budapest                                                                                                 Flickr: og2t // ou gee tew tee


I just came back from Budapest last night and want to write all these tips down before I forget them so here they are:


Here are my top 5 tips for a cheap, enjoyable visit to Budapest.



Budapest                                                                                                         Flickr:Ted Drake


5) Don’t say Thank You.


Yes, you read correct. I’m not just being rude. When you order food or a drink and you give the waiter more than the amount owed, followed by a “Thank you”, you are telling them to keep it. For example if something costs you 1100 Ft and you give 2000 Ft note, and say “Thank you”, you are telling them to keep it all. So don’t say thanks until you get your change and you decide what you want to leave as a tip.


It’s also a good idea to ask what the service charge is before you sit down because the food can be very cheap but the service charge can be anything they want.




 Budapest                                                                                                            Flickr: lostajy



4) See the best parts for seriously CHEAP.

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