UPDATED Top 5 Awesome Tips for a Seriously Cheap Trip to Sofia

Are you sick of getting ripped off whilst traveling? Stop falling into the tourist traps and paying tourist prices! Follow the tips below for some awesome and specific ways of saving money on a trip to Sofia.

On a side note, before I get into the Top 5 – I’d also like to give a special mention to a great local website which can give you some great, comprehensive tips on how to truly experience the Bulgarian culture  – ranging from  music concerts, to the best restaurants and cafes to taste the local cuisine – visit Sofia In Your Pocket.          

Beautiful Sofia                                                                            Flickr Panoramas
5. Don’t Say Thank You

Yes you read right and I’m not just encouraging you to be rude. The same applies here as it does in Budapest – if you pay for a meal or a drink and say “Thank you”  before they give you your change,  you are telling them to keep all the change.  This can be a very expensive mistake I learned the hard way!!
        Sofia                                                                                          Flickr archer10 (Dennis)
4A. Public Transport is Seriously Cheap, So Use It.When you arrive at Sofia airport and walk out of the departures exit, you will find yourself harassed by many taxi drivers. Walk past them a little bit and you will see a public bus that takes you to the center. The great thing about this bus is that it’s as cheap as a normal public bus (unlike most cities around the world which charge you a ridiculous amount to use the public bus from the airport), which means it costs just 1 leva to buy a ticket (.50euro cents).

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