The Top 10 Wildest Electro-House Music Festivals

Looking for an insanely wild party? Looking for a few? Want some stories you’ll brag about to your friends for years to come? Don’t miss out on the Top 10 Wildest Electro-House Music Festivals on Earth.


10. Monegros, Spain (July 2011)

Around 40,000 peopleĀ inundateĀ this place from all over the world to party hard to the international talent that come to perform here every year.



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Top 5 Safety Tips Americans and other Westerners need to know NOW before traveling to a third world country.

When traveling / backpacking, it is important to note that not all third world countries have the same dangers to watch out for, but here are some that apply to most.


Severe poverty can bring out real desperation in people, which means that in the poorer countries, people will push you as much as you let them. It is important to not allow yourself to overly react to these people, even tho it may seem your only choice when beggars come up to you repeatedly or follow you non stop. I had this experience in Egypt when I was there for a month, I became extremely cynical towards the locals and it ruined my experience.

I’ve found the better option is to..

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