Top 5 Party Hostels 2012 for guys looking for a good time

This a guest post from one of my best friends whom I met whilst partying in Israel. He is a true traveler in every sense of the word and has seduced, tasted, and experienced a girl from nearly every country on earth. Having seen him seduce random girls on the street in a matter of minutes, he is perhaps the closest thing Europe has to its own Tucker Max. Below he reviews the top 5 wildest party hostels. 

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The Genuine Secret To Free Health Insurance When Traveling Abroad that the Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know About


It surprises me actually that it’s not so well known that for many people around the world, it’s possible to have free health insurance whilst traveling. But I guess, who is going to tell us? Definitely not the travel agents since they make a whopping huge commission (sometimes 60% of the cost)  from selling you private health insurance/ travel insurance.

Yes there are a lot more things travel insurance can cover you for than just health care, but usually health care is the biggest expense.

So it might surprise or even shock you to know that high quality, free health insurance is available for travelers in certain countries. There are three options I will tell you about, the first is a very unknown reciprocal agreement between a certain group of countries worldwide, and the second is a more well known one available to all European Union citizens who travel to other E.U. countries. The third option is for everyone else.

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Love and Sex and Backpacking World’s Top 5 HOSTELS for it

Most of us who travel are usually after new, exciting experiences (and I don’t just mean sightseeing). Most of us are looking for a connection of some sort – whether it be through exploring new cultures,  searching for love, or simply some hot, passionate sex that makes the man feel like a man, truly standing in his manhood and owning the animal inside him, and the woman feeling truly held and supported in her womanhood.

The hostels below can be thought of as a playground where the male and female energies dance wildly into the night:

5.  X Hostel, Golden Sands, Varna, Bulgaria

This place should be renamed XXX Hostel. Located right near Golden Sands on the Black Sea Coast, this budget hostel was easily one of the most fun and welcoming places I’ve been to.

Owned by a young Italian guy, the atmosphere here can be defined simply as insane fun. If you don’t find yourself at one of the steaming hot foam parties, it is probably because you are too busy having a wild night on the nearby beach.

My initial plan to stay a few days ended up being 3 weeks at this place – and I then ended up staying on to work at the place for another 2 months!!

Located in Bulgaria, its also a cheap, ideal option for backpackers on a serious budget, with 1 euro = 2 levas.

Check out X Hostel here
4. Paradise Beach Resort, Island of Mykonos, Greece.