Top 5 Hostel Pleasure Hotspots Worldwide

X hostel alicante spain

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Top 5 Party Hostels 2012 for guys looking for a good time

This a guest post from one of my best friends whom I met whilst partying in Israel. He is a true traveler in every sense of the word and has seduced, tasted, and experienced a girl from nearly every country on earth. Having seen him seduce random girls on the street in a matter of minutes, he is perhaps the closest thing Europe has to its own Tucker Max. Below he reviews the top 5 wildest party hostels. 

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Top 5 Sexiest American Beaches from the Love Sex and Backpacking on the Cheap blog

Apart from South America’s beaches, no beaches in the world say sex appeal in such a huge way as the beaches from the good old U S of A.

So where should you, as a traveler / backpacker looking to not waste any time head straight to?

5. Muscle Beach, L.A.
The famous gym ON the beach
1 Beautiful girl and 1 granny in need of serious therapy.
Also make you psycho

On weekends, Muscle Beach is the place to be if you want to see some skin and hot bikinis.It’s also the place where you will meet some of the craziest characters on earth (and I don’t just mean the walking steroid machines)! From beautiful bodies to, sun, beach, amazing atmosphere and insane Christian fundamentalists/Republicans, this is the place to be!

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