The Genuine Secret To Free Health Insurance When Traveling Abroad that the Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know About


It surprises me actually that it’s not so well known that for many people around the world, it’s possible to have free health insurance whilst traveling. But I guess, who is going to tell us? Definitely not the travel agents since they make a whopping huge commission (sometimes 60% of the cost)  from selling you private health insurance/ travel insurance.

Yes there are a lot more things travel insurance can cover you for than just health care, but usually health care is the biggest expense.

So it might surprise or even shock you to know that high quality, free health insurance is available for travelers in certain countries. There are three options I will tell you about, the first is a very unknown reciprocal agreement between a certain group of countries worldwide, and the second is a more well known one available to all European Union citizens who travel to other E.U. countries. The third option is for everyone else.

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Top 5 Awesome Travel Jobs To Help You Travel Forever

The beautiful Costa-Rica                                                                                                                     Flickr Quiltsalad

5 Selling Your Travel Photos Online

Ever thought about how awesome your travel photos are? Why not sell some of them online to help fund your travels? There are many companies

 like Dreamstime which accept amateur photographs (minimum of 3 megapixels) and sell them to companies that design magazines and websites

 and then share the profits with you. The better they are and the sooner you submit them, the more cash you will make! Easy and fun!

Welcome to San Francisco’s Warm Sunset

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Top 10 WOW Travel Destinations on Earth

1. Phuket, Thailand

flickr:Praveen M Tomy

2.Mykonos, Greece

Flickr: MarcelGermain

3.Santorini, Greece

Flickr: MarcelGermain

4.Zakynthos, Greece

Flickr: dkilim

5.Rome, Italy


6.Shanghai, China

Flickr: Sprengben

7.Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


8.Istanbul, Turkey

Flickr:Kıvanç Niş

9.New York, USA

Flickr:Werner Kunz

10.Belgrade, Serbia

Safety Information for Americans and Others Wanting to Avoid the Mafia in Italy

Felicia Impastato was the mother of Peppino Impastato, a sicilian man who was killed because of his continuous protesting against mafia, a criminal organization. Creative Commons.

Many people will tell you to not worry about the Mafia in Italy. For the most part, especially in the North, this is true, the Mafia are generally not so strong.

A completely different story applies however in South, where the Mafia pretty much runs the show and the government is almost non existent except on a surface level.

An American friend of mine and his girlfriend from the State of Maine hitchhiked their way around Europe for an entire year and had no problems at all. Infact, it renewed their faith in humanity in a way.

Unfortunately, this new found faith did not last so long when when they were hitchhiking in Sicily together. They get into a truck…

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How to have a Cheap Holiday or Backpacking Experience in Rome

Travelling is so exciting! and in the case of Rome, as Asterix used to say, “these Romans are crazy”. Well they sure know how to party that’s for sure. Either way that won’t stop you from having a fun and cheap holiday in Rome – the Grandest city in the Universe.

In this post I will cover:
– How to get to Rome for cheap
– Cheap and free accomodation in Rome
– Eating Cheaply in Rome
– Seeing Rome Cheaply
– How to stay long term in Italy
– More ways to save money whilst travelling

Rome is the most Grand city in at least Europe if not the world. This amazing city is an absolutely phenomenal experience, whether it be for the history or the awesome nightlife. As an Aussie I’m jealous that we don’t have anything like this back home.

Anyhow, follow the tips below and have an awesome, memorable, and importantly, affordable experience 🙂

Getting there cheaply

There are several options you may want to consider for getting to Rome. Each has their pros and cons, depending on what your circumstances are – ie are you travelling alone, where are you coming from, are you only interested in Rome or other parts of Italy? You should compare all options below and see which has the best bottom line for you.

The first and most obvious option is through flying.

There are two airports for Rome. The Rome Fiumicino (26 km from city) and the Rome Ciampino (15 km from city).

Ciampino is the one that most budget airlines fly into, and is also a lot cheaper to get into town from as compared to the Fiumicino.

The cheapest way to get into the city from Ciampino is using the public bus service for 1 euro. Be aware tho that there are other more comfortable options but this is the cheapest. You’ll find the stop just next to the taxi rank outside the terminal building.

With a decent website that has all the budget airlines,these days you can often get a cheap flight easily.

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