The Genuine Secret To Free Health Insurance When Traveling Abroad that the Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know About


It surprises me actually that it’s not so well known that for many people around the world, it’s possible to have free health insurance whilst traveling. But I guess, who is going to tell us? Definitely not the travel agents since they make a whopping huge commission (sometimes 60% of the cost)  from selling you private health insurance/ travel insurance.

Yes there are a lot more things travel insurance can cover you for than just health care, but usually health care is the biggest expense.

So it might surprise or even shock you to know that high quality, free health insurance is available for travelers in certain countries. There are three options I will tell you about, the first is a very unknown reciprocal agreement between a certain group of countries worldwide, and the second is a more well known one available to all European Union citizens who travel to other E.U. countries. The third option is for everyone else.

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Sick of Getting Ripped Off Whilst Traveling? This One Tip Will Save You A Bundle of Cash

This tip is not just about saving money whilst traveling – because often we budget travelers can make the mistake of saving as much money as possible whilst going to a city, but not really fully allowing ourselves to experience the place. This tip is unique in that it allows you to do both – save money AND get a thorough experience of the city. And the great news is that you can do it in most major cities in Europe. Scroll down to see the cities (the pictures) where you can use this tip and also to find out exactly what this awesome bit of information actually is!

Berlin                                                                                         Flickr Kansas Poetry (Patrick)

So what is this tip? 

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Party Hostels – X Hostel in Alicante Spain

party hostels - x hostel alicante spain

As far as party hostels go,  X Hostel (Alicante, Spain) is easily one of the wildest party hostels I’ve ever been to.

This hostel is located in a University town in Spain which means that the place is full of bars, clubs, and 24 hour drinking and craziness on the beach.

The atmosphere in the hostel is also amazing, with the managers being long term travellers themselves.

A typical night at this party hostel includes pub crawls, drinking games,  and all the action you can handle in one night.

The hostel has such a cult following that in the past year over 100 people have had “X Hostel” permanently tattooed on their bodies (the managers tell me this number also includes on of their other famous party hostels – X Hostel Varna in Bulgaria.

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The Top 10 Wildest Electro-House Music Festivals

Looking for an insanely wild party? Looking for a few? Want some stories you’ll brag about to your friends for years to come? Don’t miss out on the Top 10 Wildest Electro-House Music Festivals on Earth.


10. Monegros, Spain (July 2011)

Around 40,000 people inundate this place from all over the world to party hard to the international talent that come to perform here every year.



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