Top 30 Unique Ways to Save Enough Money for your Dream Trip Today

Most people believe that their dream trip is unaffordable. The thing is, travel agencies don’t want you to know about the awesomely cheap places because they want to make top dollar off of you. It’s a lie, it’s unfair and it’s a ridiculous situation that stops many people from traveling. Read on to see step by step how you can make your dream trip a reality.

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Top 5 Paradise Escapes in Thailand

The Top 5 Paradise Escapes in Thailand

5. Phuket

Flickr: Praveen M Tony


4.  Ko Tao

Flickr: PnP!



Flickr: Pretre


2. Mae Hong Son Province

Flickr: Restless Rider


1. Khao Sok National Park

Flickr: Melford00


Top 10 Most Spectacular Holiday Islands in the world

These islands are known for having the most amazing vibes and atmosphere on Earth.


10. Zakynthos, Greece

flickr: StuMow


9.Ikaria, Greece



8.  Satorini, Greece


7.  Crete, Greece

Flickr: lentina_x

6. Lesbos, Greece

Flickr: ozgurmulazimoglu


5. Phuket, Thailand

Flickr:Praveen M Tomy


4.  Hawaii, USA



3.  Ios, Greece




2.  Hios / Chios, Greece

Flickr:Atle Brunvoll


1.  Anguilla, Caribbean Islands

flickr: needoptic

Top 10 WOW Travel Destinations on Earth

1. Phuket, Thailand

flickr:Praveen M Tomy

2.Mykonos, Greece

Flickr: MarcelGermain

3.Santorini, Greece

Flickr: MarcelGermain

4.Zakynthos, Greece

Flickr: dkilim

5.Rome, Italy


6.Shanghai, China

Flickr: Sprengben

7.Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


8.Istanbul, Turkey

Flickr:Kıvanç Niş

9.New York, USA

Flickr:Werner Kunz

10.Belgrade, Serbia